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  •  I had doubts about online psychotherapy, but I had no problems, we have very satisfying sessions. It made me realize the things I didn’t realize about myself and also gave me many different perspectives. I thought I was aware of everything, but in each session of Dr. Artiran. I realized new things with him.
  • I have made a very good improvement in a short time. They have very friendly and professional working systems. It allowed us to see where the real problem was with a few questions. We are happy to know. We are in the communication age and it is necessary to get support now and we think it is the right address.
  • Before I met Dr. Artiran, I was someone who did not believe therapy would help me and even thought I was thinking that it was a waste of time…. n.s.d (client
  • I had multiple psychological disorders. We worked on issues such as anxiety, personality disorder, anger, eating disorder and I made a very rapid improvement. Didem… for more
  • Before meeting him, he talked to me on the phone and asked why I wanted to come, how my recent psychological condition, and what I am recently feeling about stressful events. This close and sincere approach of him made me relieved.
  • I was studying abroad and looking for a psychologist online. I was looking for a psychotherapist who I would like to share my problems openly. Sessions with Mr. Murat was very helpful in solving my problems. Thank you. (Y. Y.)… click for more:

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